Discover what happens when you learn to see the world differently…


The Midwest Regional Collaborative for Sustainability Education (MRCSE) was created in 2008 as a community of practice exploring transformative learning and systems-based sustainability education practices.

At MRCSE we believe learning is at the heart of change.  We are collaborators from all walks of life exploring transformative that can catalyzes a sustainable future for all.  Our aim is to see and live in the world differently by drawing our our collective ability to imagine a new future.  Together we are creating and sharing a new story of sustainability – for a only a true shift can occur when we become the stories we tell.

We welcome all who care to venture forward with us.


Between 2008 and 2012, MRCSE provided seed funds to support 16 transformative learning projects.  These projects continue to ripple today.


We look forward to connecting with you.